Be In The Moment

The coronavirus is occupying space in all of our heads. Being in this space reminds me of earlier days when God taught me the importance of being in the moment.

Parents, most of you have your children safely tucked in your home. In Michigan, we are ordered to shelter in place for three weeks. We have never experienced this before. These are unprecedented moments. Moments we have the opportunity to connect as a family.

I remember back to raising my teens. The teen years turned out to be nightmare years with one of my teens. Because I was so focused on my one, I lost significant moments with my other two.

At one of my highest points of anxiety, my friend, counselor, and Pastor’s wife said, “Susie, get yourself in the moment. Look outside your window. Observe the trees in all their glory reaching up to the creator. Stop whatever you are doing, whatever you are thinking and BE in the moment.” I remember staring at my beautiful Maple tree and observing the many hues of gold, red and yellow. I hadn’t enjoyed my favorite tree in a long time. She continued, “Get yourself in the moment with your girls. Listen to them and BE present with them. Experience life with them. Your mind is drifting off to the what ifs. You’re obsessing, trying to fix your son.”

My precious friend called me out! I needed it; I didn’t see it. Her wise counsel turned out to be one of the best pieces of advice I ever received.

As an older woman to many of you, let me urge you to be in the moment with each of your children. Observe their unique perspectives, gifts and enjoy their presence.

When you find your thoughts drifting off into busyness or worry or things you can’t control, reign your run away thoughts back in and be in the moment, Treasure this time, invest yourself in each child God entrusted to you.

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