Where Do I Begin?

A Christian Mama has boundless opportunities to use her gifts and abilities. But how is she to know what God wants her to do with all the opportunities to serve Jesus and others in our busy and fast-paced world?

Right now our busy world has come to an abrupt full on stop. The virus has us indoors and away from the busyness of life. Though it’s frustrating, think about the gift hidden in the hardship. It’s the gift of TIME. How often have we been able to stop the clock? Never in my lifetime. I purpose we not waste these moments in worry and what-ifs. Instead, let’s embrace this shut down as an opportunity to reflect.

A God given pause.

Don’t waste the pause.

Allow me to share a bit of my own reflections with you today. As I think back on my parenting years, I longed to be the best Mom and to serve Jesus. But in serving, I allowed myself to be pulled in every direction imaginable. I was a wife, mom, teacher, counselor, pastor’s wife, friend, employee, leader, and more.

I remember feeling confused about how to order my life. My home of origin had lacked order and been dysfunctional, and as a result, I often felt aimless as an adult, like a boat without a rudder.

I look back and think, Girl! What were you thinking? You didn’t have a clue.

Head on over to The Glorious Table to read the rest of my article. I pray that you will find help as you juggle the responsibilities and opportunities in your life…

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