Susan Jill Ream

I am a blessed wife to a faithful man, a proud Mama of three grown-ups, and an enthusiastic, cheerleading Nana to eleven precious grandkids!

I’ve been a pastor’s wife most of my life. I loved working with children. I led children’s choirs, children’s Christmas pageants, Vacation Bible School, and taught Sunday School.

I am drawn to children and their unabashed love for life, their transparency, and their teachable spirits. It was a natural process for me to take my passion for writing and fit it to a child’s heart.

By God’s grace, I’ve published three books through Timeless Publications, Ltd. Two of those books are children’s books.

I pray that my life always reflects the love of God and that I see people and the world through His eyes. The word is my foundation, and it is through God’s very word I find my purpose and my strength.

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You ask, “Why Publish a blog on parenting? Aren’t you way past that phase in life?” Well, yes, and no. I am an active participant and encourager in both my children and grandkids’ lives. I believe and enthusiastically strive to live out God’s direction to older women. God calls us to teach younger women. Titus 2:3 Why? Because we were where you are. We lived a lot of life and made our fair share of mistakes. We have learned that God holds all the answers to all of our questions. He is the rock we run to. In the midst of the messes, God shows up. In the exhilaration of good times, he cheers us on.


My mission is to share insights God taught me during my parenting years. Going through the fires of chaos brought me to my knees. Puzzlement in understanding each child’s temperament led me to seek God through prayer and Bible study. God created my children, and He knows how they tick. He placed our children in our home and entrusted each one to my husband and me. “If any of you lacks wisdom, ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” James 1:5


Some insights came through the fire. Intentional discussions opened my eyes to understand the thoughts swarming in my child’s head. When I was busy and wanted to put my kids off, the Holy Spirit whispered, “Listen, pay attention and learn.”


My prayer is that God uses my journey to impact yours. I didn’t have all the answers, but I have some answers because of the experiences God took me through as a parent. I was far from perfect. But I gained wisdom by looking back and learning from my mistakes. I pray God keeps you from the pitfalls I fell into. May the Holy Spirit lead you to wisdom as you seek to raise a generation that shines brightly in a very dark world.

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