COVID-19 Thankful!

Nana’s Lovenotes: A Love note to my Grandgirls,

Hey my sweet girls. How are you all doing? I can picture each of you tucked away from the rest of the world. I miss you! I bet you’re puzzled by the title of this love note, right? Are you thinking, “Nana, what are you up to?”

I’m sorry to trick you with a title that doesn’t seem to make sense, but let me explain. First, am I thankful for this Virus? No, not at all. Am I afraid of this virus, honestly, sometimes a teeny bit, but not much. I know that God is in control, and he has my days numbered. No one and nothing can take me until he says, “Susie, it’s time to enter your forever home.” Years of walking with Him has given me a deep trust in who He is!

When you’ve lived as long as I have, when you’ve walked through the fire with Jesus by your side, you gain perspective. But let me tell you, in my younger years I’d be scared spitless. So, I’m writing you today hoping to lift you (if you are in a fearful place) into a place of trust and peace.

The rest of this article is on my blog dedicated to my grandgirls. You will find it here: See ya there. 🙂